What if setting up the tech for your business was easy?


You're working on your business solo, to the unnerving beat of...

This is too complex

You’re getting stuck just before your freebie download starts to actually work.

You’re “this close” to creating a welcome email sequence, but it always ends up just being a single email with no signature. WTF.

Where's Jim?

Prospects are not showing up for meetings because your Calendly doesn’t send reminders, or mixed time zones.

You’re always chasing leads, payments and signatures instead of working in your zone of genius.

I just wanna sell!!

You want to take payments, run workshops, automatically send webinar links, store replays somewhere people can find them…

And have a sales page for all of it, but it’s taken you months trying to figure things out and they still feel OFF.

It's on my todo list!

Wait, where’s my to-do list?!


You haven’t figured out how to make Trello really work for you, but you see the potential.

Your onboarding process feels like Groundhog Day, even though you’re paying for Dubsado/ Honeybook/<name your CRM>.

What clients say

And the thought of paying thousands of dollards for software every year doesn't spark joy?

I get it! I'll help you implement solutions that work with your budget, even if it's 10 USD a month.

If you’re already using software you’re paying for and/or like, you don’t have to switch. I will help you with ANY software you already have!

Trust me, I’m an engineer.:)

Client testimonials

ALex Tempest testimonial from Manahil Razzak
Alex Tempest review from Nishta

Dira Blakely – Coach

Heather Jones testimonial for Alex Tempest
Alex Tempest testimonial from Kate Simpson
Alex Tempest review by LeeAnn Romine

Join Tech Club - and solve ALL your tech issues

tech issues A membership for DIY solopreneurs who just need a little tech support


Understand how websites and systems connect to each other and what each element in your setup is responsible for.

Build your own landing pages sales pages and automations to move your business forward, while having the assistance of a coach and IT engineer with 12 years of corporate experience and 7 years in my own online businesses.

Get your business off the ground FAST.


FB only shows your posts to 3% of your audience. Emails get to 40%-50%. That’s 13x more exposure for you.

Create a landing page and a freebie download. And then a welcome email sequence that turns warm leads into hot leads.

Build a solid basis for your business to grow for years to come.
Even if you’re not tech-savvy.

email marketing at tech club


Thousands of dollars worth of training is already in the Vault, with more coming consistently in.

Implement using step-by-step videos and bring all questions and issues to the bi-weekly LIVE Q&A sessions.

You will NEVER be stuck because of tech again!

NEW: A.I. training section – how to collaborate with A.I. to build your business 5x faster.


Understand and visualize your whole sales and marketing process – from follower to customer.

Set your social media, FB group, links, calendars, emails, reminders and notifications so that no lead falls through the cracks.

Create an excellent experience for your new clients, gather testimonials and learn where to use them for best results.

accountability at tech club


Tech Club is a club. It’s a space to meet others, collaborate, do some co-working and get stuff done.

You’ll have access to hours of training A-Z on how to set up what you need. Webinars, email automations, productivity, sales pages… and so much more.
Additionally, our bi-weekly meetings is where you can ask all your questions and troubleshoot.

And that’s all we are about – flexibility and moving things forward in your business. Brainstorming, strategizing, supporting, celebrating.


Alex Tempest headshot

Meet Your Guide

Hey there! My name is Alex Tempest and I’ll be your tech expert at Tech Club.

I started Tech Club because I saw how crippling technology can be for entrepreneurs and I wanted to get them out of the slump and onto a path of success and growth.

I’m an IT engineer, a transformational coach and a healer. I’ve been a leader my whole life.


Privately, I’m passionate about animals, travels, dog training, sailing, cooking and partying (if I don’t fall asleep by 10 PM:)).

Automations Maverick is my third online business and you’re going to learn not only how to set up your tech, but how to step by step grow your business.


Your tech strategist, Alex

Clients say to me, and about me...

Alex Tempest testimonial from a client
from a client
Alex Tempest testimonial from a client
Alex Tempest testimonial from a client

“I am so excited to shoutout the amazing Alex Tempest 🤩


I was so very fortunate to be referred to Alex earlier this year. I had been hearing about her from various women in this group. And when we finally connected for a coffee chat, I felt like I had known her for years.


I had heard she was The automation go-to girl, but I honestly wasn’t sure at the time how she could help me. I had very minimal tech systems set up and didn’t know where to start. Alex took the time to ask questions and really understand how I worked my business and how I interact with my clients.


She set up a simple, very affordable website, set up an email service, and created a landing page for a Free PDF I was offering. She also took the time to teach me the simple process of how to update my site on my own.


I am SO Excited about all of this!!! 🤩

Technology is something I avoided because I didn’t understand it.

Alex helped me see the big picture and the moving pieces.


She met me where I was and created the perfect system for my business.

I am so grateful to have met and worked with Alex. I highly recommend Alex for all of your technology needs. She is Amazing! 🙌💪🔥


I am a fan. If she teaches a workshop or goes live, I am there! I honestly can’t wait for her Tech Club to launch!

✨If you need to automate your business in any way or have questions on how technology can make your business simple and more profitable, Reach out to Alex today! Really, right now! Go!”


Kate Simpson – Emotion Code practitioner

Get tech support that moves the needle in your biz

Never get stuck on tech again.

fun at tech club

All your tech issues SOLVED

Bring any tech issues (including figuring out your freebie content and offer stack!) and we’ll sort them on the spot – during bi-weekly 90-minute live Q&A sessions.

Share your screen and even give me mouse control so that I can find the root cause and solve it ON THE SPOT!

tech club online community

Fun & community

Meet other fun, kind entrepreneurs and ride the wave of collective energy to get even more done!

Chat with others so that you can collaborate, refer each other and become accountability buddies (if you want to!), and ask questions to our compassionate community.

video courses in Tech Club

Hours of detailed videos

Find a video on any topic relevant to setting up tech. New hands-on training every month. A video is not there? Ask me to create one!

You’ll not only implement, but UNDERSTAND what you’re doing and why.

What we'll cover

The beauty of this membership is that you are in charge. You bring the topics and problems, I solve them. Some things to expect:

What we will not cover

Tech Club is focused on delivering value at a minimum software cost and is designed for beginners. Therefore right now I’m not planning on covering IN DEPTH software that costs more than 80 USD per month.

If you use more expensive software (ClickFunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, GoHighLevel etc..) – reach out to me directly and I’ll help you 1:1, or ask questions during the live Q&A.


My crazy effective follow up system - FollowUp Frannie!

Whether you’re an Excel, postit or even Trello lover, FollowUp Frannie will ELEVATE your follow-up to unprecendented heights.

Just read what people say about her:

“ALEX TEMPEST is an absolute GENIUS! I have always been the pen and paper notes taker for all my business needs and thought I was doing pretty well with my follow-up process.

But Follow-up Frannie is the system I didn’t even know I needed.

It has streamlined my follow-up process and made keeping track of my conversations and leads so much easier. It is also easily customizable for my exact needs. No one gets lost in the notes anymore! I am in love! Follow-up Frannie is my new best friend!”

Tiffany Cheramie, life insurance agent, financial educator

Sign up NOW and get valuable bonuses!

Live Q&As every other Tuesday at 1 PM EST

No long-term commitment

Pay monthly, leave whenever you feel it’s time. No minimum period, you can quit any time.

Try out for 14 days and get a refund if you don’t like us!

Get through any tech challenge

Every other Tuesday we meet online for 90 minutes. You get to implement tech and ask questions during the Q&A.

You get all the replays!

Right now Tech Club comes with these awesome bonuses:

Invite just 5 friends and you’ll be enjoying Tech Club completely free!

So that you get the best support and are always HEARD.

Prepare yourself and your business for the rise of A.I.

Is this for you?


You will love Tech Club if:


Tech Club is not for you if:


Only 97 USD/month (quit any time)

14-day risk-free trial.

If you don’t like it after the first meeting, you’ll get you a refund – no questions asked!


Yes! All our sessions will be recorded and available as replays as long as you stay a member of Tech Club.

Let me put it this way. My opinion is that cheap-o-sauruses tend to have more money than those who spend right and left. Have you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad? There’s a time to splurge, there’s a time to save. And so my tech solutions tend to be free or set up using a very small budget.

For instance:

  • MailerLite = 0 USD

  • Landing page = 19 USD a year

  • Virtual meetings = 0 USD

  • Follow up system = 0 USD

  • Calendar = 29 USD one time payment


I want you to be able to relax, don’t generate unnecessary costs and invest in tech when you’re consistently making an income that allows it. Fair deal?

You can keep your tools. We all have different tech setups. I want you to be able to make THE BEST out of what you have (or switch if I show you a better option – which often happens and saves my clients $$$$). Up to you!

That’s the best part!

Anything you want, as long as the software we’re setting up doesn’t cost more than 80 USD/month.

We set up landing pages, sales pages, sales integrations (Stripe, PayPal…), websites (WordPress, Square, Wix), quizzes, email automations, webinar registrations, meetings, productivity tools, CRMs, Dubsado… I can teach you anything, I’m an IT engineer.


You bring your questions and I will be showing you the solutions – step by step.

Meetings last 90 minutes and are held every 2 weeks.
The meetings will take place on Tuesdays at noon CST (1 PM EST = 6 PM UK = 10 AM PST), every other week.

Yes, you have access to hours of videos and I keep adding new ones. I create videos based on what I see the group needs and what people ask. You drive Tech Club!

Every other week we meet for 90 minutes where I solve tech problems (sometimes you share your screen and I do the clicking on your computer – oh yes!). So yeah, you’ll get your answers. I also share business strategy and business energy wisdom.

There’s a 2 week trial period so that you can attend one meeting and see if the chemistry is right. If you don’t like it (or decide you’d rather work 1:1 with me) – I’ll give you a refund, no questions asked!