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Follow Up Franny

Get More Clients By Mastering The Art Of Following Up - With My Surprisingly Effective, CRM-Like Tool

(even if you’re always forgetting to follow up, lose your notes, and have days you really wish you could just pay someone else to do it)

Successful Entrepreneurs Know that 80% of the money is in the follow-up

What Would Change In Your Business If You Were ALWAYS On Top Of ALL Your Conversations?

taking notes on postits

But most solopreneurs like us don't have the right tool for tracking conversations

A simple, flexible tool that organizes all your contacts and interactions, and reminds you when to follow up, will help you get more clients, fast.

Instead of paying $100 every month for a complex CRM and…

Wasting a lot of time

Many hours of your precious time are going to waste any time you don't follow up with a potential client or collaborator

Losing referrals and Credibility

Any time you don't follow up, you lose credibility and potential referrals (and the guilt kicks in...)

Selling is HARD

Following up with people builds trust and creates sales, even if you don't consider yourself an expert sales person

business doesn't grow

When you're unable to remember details of a conversation, it's like it never happened - and we're back to square one!

My coaching business was stagnant because I was Dropping potential clients Along the sales process

So i decided to make it easier for myself, and created a tool to keep myself accountable

And after 8 weeks...


Using the right tool had a profound effect on my business.

I started to share the solution with others for whom follow-up was a challenge, and it quickly became a hot tool among my peers.

MEET FollowUp Frannie

She'll Help You Get More Clients And Grow Your Network:

Client love

Alex is an absolute wizard when it comes to tech automations. Her FollowUp Frannie system was easy to follow, and the instructions she provided were extremely clear and simple to understand.
If you're looking to automate your systems so you can get some time back in your business, you NEED Alex.

Laurel Cornouyer


ALEX TEMPEST is an absolute GENIUS! I have always been the pen and paper notes taker for all my business needs and thought I was doing pretty well with my follow-up process.

But FollowUp Frannie is the system I didn't even know I needed. It has streamlined my follow-up process and made keeping track of my conversations and leads so much easier. It is also easily customizable for my exact needs. No one gets lost in the notes anymore! I am in love! Follow-up Frannie is my new best friend!

Tiffany Cheramie

Financial Educator

Alex Tempest you are the BOMB. As you know, I'm a Trello stalker fan, so a new Trello board is like Christmas. I'm going to integrate it with the Networking board I've got set up for the ladies in this group that I have coffee chats with. It's going to be *AWESOME*.

Adrian Gentilcore

Blog Mechanic

I started piling up contacts after joining a fantastic networking event. I tried keeping all contact information in a spiral notebook, but occasionally wouldn’t have it handy, so I would take notes on a piece of paper that would get mixed in with other “notes” .

It is nice to know all that information is handy and can even be used as a referral system, and for the ones who were very interested in my offers, I have been able to follow up with them in a timely manner.

Katie Tschida

Digital Organizer

You Deserve Affordable Tools That Take Care Of YOU

So that you can get into FLOW and focus on growing the business.
Without paying thousands of dollars per year for software!)

Use FollowUp Frannie as the central spot you come to every morning to see who you need to follow up with today – and from there click to get to their social media profiles!

FollowUp Frannie includes

Your central place for all your follow-up

Take notes by CLICKING or typing, format them to your liking, and use additional fields to store contact and offer details. You can even add the contact's photo, business card and any files.

Fast and effective contact tagging

Label your contacts to find them easily not just by their name, job title and notes, but also category - your potential collaborators, referral partners and clients interested in different products can be labeled to your liking and found with 2 clicks.

Trello buttons

Taking notes by CLICKING

Speed up your process and save information quickly by selecting the most popular options - like reminder dates and labels.

FollowUp Frannie already KNOWS what is important for you and comes with predefined options that you can customize to your needs (if you want to!).

Quick filtering and search

Search by name, notes, tags, due dates and filter your cards by a variety of factors with just a few clicks.

Calendar view and reminder emails

Daily, weekly and monthly views allow you to assess your workload, and flexible email reports send lists of people you need to follow up with directly to your email.

Trello template

Software you already know

FollowUp Frannie was built in Trello.

Trello fans absolutely love adding her to their arsenal of tools - and she blows their mind!

An at-a-glance overview of your numbers and notes

Prospect value and the amount of people in different stages of your sales pipeline are displayed on top of the columns.


Your team members can use the system so that you can divide the work between all of you, and have a clear outlook on who's working on what.


Don't know Trello? No worries, there's a quick training video which will help you get started and gain confidence.

FollowUp Frannie also comes with her own training to ensure you're not missing any of the cool features that turn your follow-up into a smooth, fun process!

What's Included

FollowUp Frannie ($400 value)

Pay Once, Use Forever.

The system is yours to use, modify, and use again - you can create multiple FollowUp Frannie boards for different businesses or projects if you want.

Trello for beginners training ($100 value)

I'll walk you step by step through Trello so that you can use it for your other projects as well, confidently!

FollowUp Frannie training

Most people underestimate Trello and use 10% of its capabilities. FollowUp Frannie uses built-in and additional Trello features to bring you the perfect solution - simple and powerful. I'll show you how to use it to its full power in a video.

COMING UP SOON: FollowUp Frannie for teams training ($50 value)

If you have a team of appointment setters or VA's, FollowUp Frannie has got your back! You'll learn how to use her from this instructional video that you get to keep forever.

TOTAL $550 value for only $37!

Money back guarantee

Don't like Frannie?
It's okay <wiping tears>.
Within 30 days of purchase, you can ask for a refund - just email me at and I'll get you your monies back.

I'm fine. I'll be fine.


You’re covered – FollowUp Frannie comes with a Trello for beginners training so that you can use the platform for other projects as well!
FollowUp Frannie is super easy to use – I designed her with the user experience in mind. Plus, she comes with detailed training on how to use her!
Yes! You only pay once for FollowUp Frannie and it works with the free version of Trello. It uses a few add-ons which are currently free to use (and I think they will stay free), so I can’t guarantee it will work forever-ever. But I don’t foresee it going anywhere in the next few years. If this helps, I use her myself!
Your single Trello user can create as many boards as you like using one purchase of FollowUp Frannie. You can have a different board for each business or project you run.

Oh! It breaks my heart to even think you may not like Frannie! She’s very lovable. But I also like to have my a** covered with a good refund policy – so you get a 30-day free trial. If you don’t like FollowUp Frannie, just ask for a refund in an email at and I’ll get your monies back to you.

I get this a lot – sure! Just email me at and let me know you wanna become an affiliate and I’ll send over a link you can share with friends, family and, why not, even enemies you wish well – you’ll make a percentage of every sale.