Never search for links again!

Save precious time every day with your very own business dashboard!

No more looking for links, notes, brand colors, bios for podcasts, logins and lists.

Neatly store everything in one place and never get frustrated while searching through your emails for links to courses you bought.

I created Business Buddy in 2022 and have been using it ever since (which is probably the best testimonial a product can get!).

You can use it like I do or customize it to your needs (don’t worry, you won’t break anything ;)).

You don’t need to install anything – all you’ll need is a free Trello account and you’ll be able to start using it immediately.

You can add your own visuals to make certain sections stand out, or, if you’re like me, keep things compact, all available within 1-2 clicks.

Connect it to your Google Drive and get straight to your frequently used Sheets and Documents without having to search for them. Upload testimonial videos to always have them at your fingertips.

Neatly store your brand colors, headshots, bios for podcasts and all brand-related information in a single section. You can even make a list of software you use and set up reminders to renew or cancel your subscriptions!

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Testimonial Business Buddy

Sneak peak:

business buddy by Alex Tempest