Alext Temepest
Optimizing small business onboarding and operations

with tailored systems and automations.

Your time is precious.
"Alex setting the tech allowed me to move forward with my business and focus on clients and projects that I actually enjoy.
The wonderful thing about Alex is that she's very kind, very knowledgeable and very good at what she does."
Dira Blakely
Dira Blakely
Feminine Empowerment Coach

Wanna set your tech up yourself, with just a little tech support?

Tech Club

If you’re a DIYer who just wishes for a little tech support from time to time, join others at Tech Club!

Save money on software and get someone to help you set up your landing page, email campaigns, reminders, productivity tools, payments, maybe event a quiz…

All your tech questions get answered during live sessions, and you can find training on anything you need in the knowledge and value-packed Vault!

Get accountability, fun, and confidence in your business structure!

You want to serve more clients, keep them happy and live like a CEO

I know you wish that every one of your clients could feel seen, heard and guided. They’d be so excited that they would want to stick around forever.

You want to be surrounded by the most successful, kindest people on the planet, and grow your business your way. Relaxed. In control.

And deep down, you want to experience FLOW: of people, information, money, events – so that you can focus on growth, without overworking and stressing out.

That’s what I help clients achieve with technology and automations tailored for their needs.


There’s only one of YOU and so much to do. You need a clone (or lots and lots of cocaine)!

Both are morally questionable (not to mention expensive!!), so you’ve invested in technology to help you out. But something’s off (even though you and your VA have spent hours on YouTube):

The J curse

Your tech stack looks like a giant Jenga tower (and any time you add a new piece, you spit three times over your left shoulder, just in case today is the day it all falls apart).

Was it worth it?

You know your data is a GOLDMINE, but it's spread around spreadsheets, ThriveCart, your membership platform and ConvertKit, no one knows how to combine it and get the value out of it.

Is it just me or is it hot in here?

Things are spinning out of control. Innocent people are getting spammed by accident, others feel abandoned... If you were your own client, you'd be pissed.

Wait, where's Jim?

Your leads are mysteriously vanishing as they fall through the cracks in your follow-up system and email automations. Money is left both on the table and chairs around it. And most importantly - where's the webinar link?!

R.I.P. ideas

Just thinking of putting together all the tech for a new offer (sales pages, recurring payment processor, membership platform, email automations...) makes your entrepreneurial libido drop to "why bother?".

Mom, come quick!

Even though you have a team of VA's, you're thinking of hiring your mom to copy and validate data between systems.

Whether you’re a solopreneur scaling beyond 6 figures or a busy business owner – you want to grow your biz and have the freedom to create, travel and be present in life.

I had been struggling with my backend for years. You helped me get unstuck and move to the next phase.

Having someone tech-savvy, who can support you because she knows both your backstory and your backend's story, is priceless.
Fiore Pastore
Fiore Pastore
Founder At The Nomad Lynx Academy

Meet Alex Tempest

Hey you! I’m an IT engineer (in my 12-year career I went from programming to being a tech lead for a team of 70 people and managing a budget of almost 4.5 mln USD) and I love efficiency. I squeeze my lemons till they sing “La cucaracha!” 😉

My passion is helping entrepreneurs optimize and automate their business while continuously providing excellent customer service. I design and set up systems, processes and automations that ensure daily flow of data, tasks, communication, and help make strategic decisions at a glance.

I believe that a thriving brand these days must be built on trust and transparency, so you need to deliver on your promises. Technology gives you the time and capacity to do that.

I’ve been running online businesses since 2016.

I have a natural zest for solving problems immediately after noticing them (annoying, right?!), rave about well-thought products (like Trello, mmmm…) and become friends with my clients.

I also love animals, can train dogs, cook, dive and live to travel.

Let’s squeeze more time out of your day! A.

Alex Tempest

The most common feedback I get is simply...

automations genius word cloud

Occasionally sprinkled with: “I’m obsessed with you!!” and “You’re a lifesaver!”

How Would You Like This Instead?

Your systems act like an assistant that's fast, predictable and doesn't require you to tell her what to do

There's Jim!

All your systems are zipped and zapped (and even webhooked) together, so that when Jim becomes a lead, you and your team get follow-up reminders. Once he becomes a client he lands in your CRM, and is smoothly onboarded (and then offboarded - and refers you right, left and center).

You've got sales

All the tech for your next offer is set, and you're finally CONFIDENT that it's working. Tags are tagging, automations are running, links are clicking, your inbox is pleasantly buzzing with sales notifications from Stripe (because we don't trust PayPal!).

I didn't know this

You have a bespoke dashboard that is your best friend and your center of command. It allows you to predict profits, shows the efficiency of your team, and gives you ideas for improvements. Even with charts and colors and sh*t.

You're In control

Your team is finally communicating and knows what's where. Tasks are flowing like ABC and everyone knows what needs to be done and where the necessary materials can be found. Operations are running smoothly, and you have the time and energy to be fully present in reality.

Here's how I can help you

dreamstorming session

You, me, and technology. You will leave the session with more tech clarity than ever and energized like a Duracell rabbit.

  • You’ll share your grand vision and challenges
  • And I’ll figure out what how we can use technology to make it all happen (at your desired pace)
  • Giving you ideas of what’s possible and strategizing your growth. We’ll focus on increasing your profits, giving you back your precious time, or both.
30 minutes, FREE
Seriously gossip-worthy

services that Drive your business EVOLUTION

Psssst. These offers are just here to give you an idea. We may also work on a one-off project, like preparing a whole launch or dashboards and reporting that will get the gold out of your data.

For the Gepettos of this world. If you do most of your setup yourself, this is for you. We put the more complex pieces in place in half a day, and then you continue on your own.

Before the meeting, you share your to-do, and then we do-do – anything you want. Together, or I implement while you enjoy a foot massage (*massage not provided).

I’ll help you fix, figure out and/or set up: integrations, data flow, email marketing, course or membership, stale setup elements that need anti-rust treatment, calendars, payments, CRMs, Trello magic, ClickUp, Kajabi…

3.5 hours, 997 USD


If you brush your teeth while humming “I need a hero” (tech hero), this is for you. My monthly retainer where we strategize, implement and fix all things tech.

We meet once a month for 1 hour during which anything is possible. Creating a plan for future projects, fixing what’s broken, improving the current setup, answering tech related frustrations or implementing something new.

This is for you if you want the confidence that your tech is always serving you to the best capabilities and never holds you back.

We meet once a month (bigger packages available!) and there’s no minimum signup period.

1 hour/month, 314 USD/month


Tasks that “cannot be automated” because your systems don’t integrate?

B*tch please! I was automating before the wheel was even invented. I can handle it. 😉

Show me what you (and your team) do and how you do it, and if there’s a solution – I’ll find it. I swear to cod!

Sometimes that will mean I’ll have to write a script that turns Google Sheet into a dashboard you do Salutation of the Sun to every morning. 

Other times I’ll make your laptop pretend as if it’s clicking the mouse and using the keyboard – so that repetitive tasks get done while you’re sipping margaritas and telling your friends about the undiscovered wonders of tech.

Estimate: custom work, prices start at 997 USD – book a call to have a chat!

5 steps to your business growth - my A.D.I.O.S. process

Let's explore the possibilities!

Do you want to optimize client onboarding, streamline teamwork, automate operations, or get an at-a-glance view of what’s up in your biz?

Or maybe you want more time to strategize and spend with the family, but you’re not sure where to start?

Everyone’s needs and systems are different – I’ll tailor an offer for you that will fit like a glove.

Alext Temepest


In case you're wondering

I’m flexible, and your needs are one of a kind, so really it is best to talk: Book a dreamstorming session!